SafariSwap Bounty: $5,000 USDT Massive Giveaways

Safariswap first-ever massive bounty rewards are up for grab!

Dear SafariSwappers,

SafariSwap is so grateful for its community and to express our appreciation, Safariswap is excited to announce our first massive bounty giveaways!

The details of the bounty are as follows:

SafariSwap bounty campaign will be starting on 19 September 2021 where we will be giving a massive amount of $5,000 USDT to 25 lucky winners only!

Based on the total actions completed by each individual, the top 25 winners will be selected to share a prize pool of $5,000 USDT. To increase your chances of winning a prize, you will need to complete all the actions on, submitting videos, and writing articles about SafariSwap.

Each action based on the complexity of the task will earn you a different number of entries. Tasks like the creation of articles, videos, and referrals will get you extra brownie points!


1) Follow SafariSwap Official Facebook Group

  • Post a Facebook Post about why you like SafariSwap
  • Tag SafariSwap and 2 of your crypto friends

2) Follow SafariSwap’s Instagram

  • Post an Instagram Post about why you like SafariSwap
  • Tag SafariSwap and 2 of your crypto friends

3) Follow SafariSwap Official Reddit

  • Write a post about SafariSwap and post in crypto channels like cryptomoonshots
  • Tag SafariSwap and 2 of your crypto friends

4) Follow SafariSwap Official Twitter Account

5) Join SafariSwap Official Telegram Group

  • Once you join, comment in the telegram group:

“I’m _________ and I’m here to win the SafariSwap Bounty Competition”​

  • Tag 2 of your crypto friends
  • Learn more about SafariSwap Sticker Competition in SafariSwap Official Telegram Group (COMING SOON)

6) Subscribe SafariSwap’s YouTube channel

  • Create a Video about why you like about SafariSwap
  • Tag SafariSwap
  • Hashtag #safariswap #safariswapnft #naturetoken

7) Follow Safariswap’s Medium

  • Write an article about what you like about SafariSwap and our NFTs
  • Tag SafariSwap

8) Submit a photo or a video on any social platforms (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook etc)

- Tag SafariSwap

9) Refer your friends for extra entries

*SafariSwap will take in consideration all entries and will check on all tasks completed. Extra brownie points will be given to

  • The most creative entry
  • The funniest entry
  • The most likes/retweet entry
  • The most tag entry
  • The most comment entry

⏰ Bounty Duration: From 19 September 2021, 0000 Hours (UTC +8) to 31 October 2021, 2359 Hours (UTC +8).

The bounty competition on Gleam will run from September 19 and end on October 31. Winners will be contacted by the team after the end of the contest.

Remember, you must be a Telegram community member and have submitted your information in the contest to be eligible. Always Check on SafariSwap Telegram for official announcements regarding the competition.

How to Register:


Click the registration link

Authenticate with your social media login details to register

Follow the tasks to gain points (see image below)

If you have any doubts, please check with SafariSwap’s community managers on Telegram.

About Safariswap

Safariswap is a groundbreaking new system that is designed to revolutionize charitable

giving. By using blockchain technology to generate resources for charities, SafariSwap provides complete transparency towards charitable contributions and reflects shareholders’

Voices. This creates sustainability and also revolutionizes wildlife conservation efforts around the world through blockchain.

Embark on this journey with us now and we can end the poaching and exploitation of endangered animals together.

Stay tuned for our updates!

Safariswap, a giant leap for all wildlife.

Official Website | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram | Medium | Reddit | Twitter | YouTube



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