Introducing SafariSwap NFT Upgrades — Digital Hunt for Food

Upgrading your NFT with their choice of food and be on top of the food chain!

You must be wondering how does one digital hunt for food and what does this have to do with NFTs? SafariSwap creates its latest DeFi gaming ecosystem which allows their NFT holders to have a chance to feed their NFTs just like “Tamagotchi” where you earn rewards while watching their NFT grow!

SafariSwap NFTs

There are currently 28 unique SafariSwap NFTs collectibles.

Only 4(~14%) of SafariSwap NFTs belongs in the artists collections currently.

Like you, every SafariSwap NFTs were born special. To thank our early liquidity providers who converted their ELP tNature tokens to $Nature tokens on our ELP conversion page, we have awarded them with a limited edition special Rhino NFT where they are the only holders who will have this NFT. This special NFT will not be purchasable with any tokens or $NATURE tokens.

You can check out SafariSwap Collectibles out here:

Why should I feed / level up my SafariSwap NFTs?

To be the king in the wild safari, you have to be swift, fast and lastly strong. The higher level & rarity of the NFT, you stand to gain more $Nature tokens when the NFT users exchange for tokens. It is also used for other games such as weekly prize, jackpot pool and more upcoming campaigns.

Each NFT has a different rarity and a star (known as Level). To increase the rarity of the NFT, you would need to combine their NFTs together with food in the Upgrade Page (Phase 2). Once the NFTs reach 5 stars on the common rarity, it is ready to be upgraded to the next rarity.

There are a total of 5 stars on our most common safari animal NFTs and 5 rarity levels able to be upgraded starting from Common to Rare to Epic to Legendary and lastly Divine.

When you max out the common 5th star, you will automatically be prompted to press “upgrade” on the page to the next rank which is Rare 1 star and then from Rare 1 star you will continue feeding until it is ready to be upgraded to the next rarity.

To increase the rarity for Rare, Epic and Legendary NFTs, the stars are increased which will require the following:

Common will be from 1 star to 5 stars to reach Rare.

Rare will be from 1 star to 10 stars to reach Epic.

Epic will be from 1 star to 15 stars to reach Legendary

Collect all 4 Legendary NFTs to exchange our super exclusive Divine NFT.

How to feed / level up SafariSwap NFTs?

SafariSwappers can open the treasure box with their Nature Credit (cNature), which they can earn through farming, and they will receive either a common Safari Animal NFT or a Food Resource NFT randomly.

There are 2 types of food resource NFTs: “Plant” and “Meat”. Just like the wildlife, each characteristic of the NFTs comes into play with the food . Herbivores like Zebra, Giraffe will level up with “Plant” NFT while Carnivores like Lion, leopard will level up with “Meat” NFT.

How to farm for SafariSwap NFTs?

To join our SafariSwap community, users would have to go to PancakeSwap and swap for $NATURE tokens where you can use them to add into our USDT:$Nature pairing or BUSD:$Nature pairing liquidity pool to start farming for Nature credits. With the credits, enjoy the thrills of unlocking the treasure boxes and start your NFT gaming journey with SafariSwap.

Our farming pools and NFT game can be found at — note that you must purchase $NATURE tokens on PancakeSwap before you can interact with the market.

Happy Hunting!

Want to start playing but not sure where to start? Join the SafariSwap telegram group, our community will answer any questions you have!

About SafariSwap

SafariSwap is a groundbreaking new system that is designed to revolutionize charitable giving. By using blockchain technology to generate resources for charities, SafariSwap provides complete transparency towards charitable contributions and reflects shareholders’ voices. This creates sustainability and also revolutionizes wildlife conservation efforts around the world through blockchain.

Embark on this journey with us now and we can end the poaching and exploitation of endangered animals together.

Stay tuned for our updates!

SafariSwap, a giant leap for all wildlife.

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